In order to supply finished products to our customers, Bibby-Ste-Croix provides finishing services such as shot-blasting, painting and machining. Once the castings have been processed, they are packaged according to customer requirements, stored and delivered. Our customer service is unparalleled.


  • After stripping, castings are cleaned to remove the flash and burrs
  • Tumble action shot-blasting machine 28 cu. ft.
  • Tumble action shot-blasting machine 14 cu. ft.
  • Continuous shot-blasting machine on metallic conveyor
  • Continuous eight-turbine shot-blasting machine
  • Turntable shot-blasting machine 72 inches


  • 63% of the castings produced are finished with a black bituminous coating. The water-based paint is oven-dried and available in black.
  •  For pipes, we use a hot black bituminous coating.
  • Water-based, self-priming paint is oven dried and available in black.


  • Various drilling and thread cutting machines
  • Machining lathes

Grinding stations