Quality Control

Quality Control

To ensure the quality of the castings, numerous tests are carried out before and after production. Quality control is of the highest importance to our team and the reason behind our ISO 9001:2008 certification. There are two laboratories on site, one monitors the sand while the other performs metallurgical tests. A complete evaluation of the finished products is also performed.

Monitoring of grey cast iron

  • At the cupola, thermal analysis is performed every 20 minutes
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests are performed every hour on the samples of the two holding furnaces.

Monitoring of ductile cast iron

  • Tests are performed on each batch
  • Chemical analysis before pouring and after magnesium treatment magnesium
  • Monitoring of mechanical properties (UTS, yield, elongation, hardness) 


Monitoring of sand

  • Fully equipped sand laboratory to monitor the following parameters:
    Moisture, tensile strength, permeability, mechanical strengths, active clay, buffer materials, particle size, fineness, specimen mass and loss of heat.
  • Olsen Tinius traction machine 60,000 lbf super "L"
  • Portable hardness tester PHT-1800
  • Ultrasound Oympus EPOCH 600
  • Quick-lab datacast entouch
  • Sandblasting and polishers
  • Brinnel and tensile testing
  • ARL-3460 spectrometer
  • Quick-Lab Datacast Entouch
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Additional testings when required