Green Sand Molding & Pattern Shop

Green Sand Molding & Pattern Shop

Green sand molding

A mix of sand with a balanced ratio of clay and water. Particular attention is given to processing the sand, making a difference in the quality. The sand is reprocessed for environmental protection purposes.


  • Disamatic 140-B - new equipment installed in 2016
  • Vertical molds allow better surface finish
  • Dimensions: 23.5" X 30" , 7" / 7"
  • Osborn
  • For the production of over sized castings of extreme weight
  • Dimensions: 36" X 35" , 9" / 9"

Pattern shop department

  • Pattern making is a production services department.
  • In-house department for the maintenance and repair of the wooden, aluminum or plastic patterns for the production of castings.
  • The department supplies all molding systems for the plant.
  • About 40 different patterns are used each day.
  • For faster service, close to 3,500 patterns are stored on site.
  • Continuous maintenance program: each pattern is inspected and tested prior to production and following its use.
  • Computer management of priorities (ERP).
  • The production of new patterns is outsourced: various sub-contractors located close to our facilities produce new patterns according to your specifications.
  • Allow seven to eight weeks for the production of a new pattern.